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                        Angela Hughes Registered Member MBACP (Accred), BA Hons, FdA Humanistic Counselling

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Success Stories

Client Testimonials

"Empowered is probably my big one, but I am now understanding a lot more about me and how my brain works. I won't allow myself to be hard on myself anymore."

"You had a good understanding of my issues and were very professional and understanding."

"You encouraged me to reach my own conclusions and to trust my own judgements. I am able to call on inner resources to help myself when low moments strike."

"You were enthusiastic about meeting with me, which led me to feel I had made the right choice of counsellor. Your genuineness gave me hope that I would be feeling better".

"I found you personable and friendly, which was important in a choice of counsellor".

"Talking has really helped me address issues. I didn't feel judged and was able to go at my own pace".

"Very positive, open, had immediate confidence in the strength of counsellor".

"All interactions were pleasant. I enjoyed being able to talk to someone completely neutral to give an objective view. I appreciated all feedback and felt Angela really understood what was going on."

"My daughter has processed the problems she was having. I'm sure the sessions played a part in her moving forward positively".

"I no longer beat myself up over things that are not under my control. My mind is no longer the tangled mess of thoughts and feelings".

"In a much better place, more positive and much more confident."

"I am aware of being prone to avoidance, all or nothing thinking and being highly critical. I now have strategies in place to acknowledge/combat unhelpful behaviour and to be kinder to myself in general".

"Working with Angela was good, I felt relaxed and safe. I am now a lot more confident, not only in myself, but with talking to others and building relationships".

"I was unsure about your approach of leaving me to figure things out for myself. I was nervous that I might not get enough help from you and be left on my own. Surprisingly, your approach worked well! I was able to come to my own conclusions through talking to you, rather than being told what I 'ought' to do, as other counsellors have done in the past."

"I feel more confident in myself and my abilities. I am more accepting of my fragile and vulnerable self".

"Just being able to vent/cry/whinge whilst knowing I was being actively listened to was helpful".

Training Testimonials

"Very interesting, interactive with good sources, knowledge and sharing of experience. I look forward to other workshops with you, thank you."

"The sharing of personal experience by Angela in understanding the 'process' was most relevant to my client work".

"Very honest approach".

"Good value, boundaries and allowed direction to be influenced by attendees".