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Success Stories

Client Testimonials

"I was able to talk about a lot of things that I could not really have shared with anyone else" (Anonymous Client).

"I am far more relaxed and in control of my emotions" (Anonymous Client).

"We are so much more in tune with each other.  We hadn't realised how much we were set in our own ways" (Anonymous Clients).


"I found you personable and friendly, which was important in a choice of counsellor" (Anonymous Client).


"You used sound professional aptitude at all times and understood me as a client; allowing me to explore things at my own pace" (Anonymous Client).


"I am more confident and can cope with my anxieties" (Anonymous Client).


"My daughter has processed the problems she was having. I'm sure the sessions played a part in her moving forward positively" (Anonymous Client).


"I no longer beat myself up over things that are not under my control. My mind is no longer the tangled mess of thoughts and feelings" (Anonymous Client).

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